Event Details:  ASQ Virtual Conference, Thursday, May 27, 2021

Omnex is pleased to announce that we are presenting at the 2021 ASQ World Conference on Quality Improvement on the topic “Digitalization of New Product Development.

Today’s New Product Development (NPD) projects are Mechatronic with a tremendous amount of electronics and software. In fact, data shows that 20-50% of warranty issues in vehicles include software as a root cause and this could be extended to similar complex systems. Today’s NPD digitalization efforts often include software, hardware, and global product development teams in implementations. The building blocks of prevention-based digitalization in NPD includes a planning tool for advanced quality planning, requirements management, bi-directional traceability, DFMEA/PFMEA product risk tools, supply chain planning, and toolsets, AI/machine learning tools, and the ability to manage complex BOMs, PPAPs, or first piece inspection gates for flawless manufacturing launches.

The competitive advantages and concepts of NPD digitalization will be shown with a case study in this presentation. Digitalization makes every field of data available for analysis whether inside the company or in the supply chain. With a tremendous amount of data available in the digitalization process, Business Intelligence, and analytics play a key role in utilizing that information.

Join our insightful session and take the opportunity to connect with us and explore our products and services in addition to availing deep insights on the Digitalization of New Product Development.

Speaker Note:

Chad Kymal, CTO & Founder, Omnex Inc.

Chad Kymal is the CTO and Founder of Omnex and President of Omnex Systems. He is responsible for the strategic direction and focuses on Omnex and the EwQIMS software. His core beliefs include the importance of Collaboration and Digitalization, Virtual lifelong learning, and AI in workflows. Chad started his career at General Motors and has since spent over 40 years writing books, papers, and guiding Omnex customers on their best-in-class journeys.

Antony John, VP, Omnex Systems

Antony John is the Vice President of Omnex Systems. He has 19 years of experience transforming technology businesses across global markets and different customer industry segments, for profitable growth. Antony also possesses strong experience working in the Information Technology, Automotive, Aerospace, Oil & Natural Gas, and Insurance industries. He currently leads the Product Development of EwQIMS, a revolutionary software solution for managing Enterprise Quality for APQP, Integrated Management Systems / QHSE, and Supplier Quality used by Fortune 500 companies, OEMs, top automotive manufacturers, and large semi-conductor organizations across the globe.

About Omnex:

Omnex is a leading international consulting and training organization with offices in all of the major markets around the globe. We bring together world-class talent-innovators and leaders in their fields, with a local indigenous presence to deliver high-impact expertise in today’s dynamic international business environment.

We have been elevating the performance of our clients and assisting entire industries, including automotive, aerospace, medical devices, and semiconductor/high-tech, in the effective deployment of leading-edge solutions and technologies, through training, implementation support, and innovative and dynamic software solutions.

Omnex Implementation and Coaching

Omnex can help you conduct a Gap Analysis / Discovery or conduct a Best-In-Class assessment to assist your company in making process improvements that result in efficiency and savings. We can provide expert guidance in implementing or improving your Quality Management System, Environmental Management System, Health and Safety Management System, Information Security Management System, Social Responsibility and Sustainability Management Systems, and so on.


Omnex Training and Competency Development

Omnex offers training and competency development programs for various companies in Automotive, Electric & Autonomous Vehicles, Aerospace, Medical devices, High-Tech / Semiconductors, General Manufacturing, and other manufacturing sectors. Omnex knows the management systems, methodologies, technologies, and standards that are constantly changing in your business.


Omnex Digital Collaboration Software Platform

Omnex unified QMS Solution will help you with a revolutionary Software platform that encompasses all aspects of quality management. Omnex’s Problem Solver Software is designed to be a single repository of all customer and internal problems issued by the organization. It has been designed with Integrated Management Systems in mind and can handle a variety of Quality (external and internal), Environmental, and Health and Safety issues. Effectively tracking issues/incidents and knowledge management are part of an organization’s continual improvement strategy.


Omnex PlanTech – Omnex Quality Outsourcing

The Omnex division of PlanTech Inc. can improve organizational performance through Specialized Staffing, Supply Chain Servicing, Auditing & Assessments, and Product & Process Improvement. We can assist your company in making process improvements that result in efficiency and resource savings. PlanTech also provides expert guidance in improving organizational or supplier’s Quality Management System, Environmental Management System, Health and Safety Management System, and IT & Information Security Management System.


Omnex Product Design

Omnex Product design focused on Electric, Autonomous, and ADAS, specializing in functional safety, cybersecurity, SOTIF, and ASPICE hardware and software design. R&D Prototyping – Architecture and Requirements, Schematics Capture and PCB Design, DFMEA, Life cycle, Cost, Alternative Suppliers, and Certification Services, Software Design – Requirements and Specifications, Offshore Software testing dedicated group, and Software  Firmware Development,  Cybersecurity – In-house standards experts, Cybersecurity Case Development, Cybersecurity Solutions Hardware & Software, Assessments, Audits, and Robustness Testing,  Case Development – Functional Safety, Cybersecurity, Team Training, and hand-holding, ISO Assessments and Audits, and Case Development Support


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