Will offer ERP eCommerce Integration solutions to the fashion retail industry


Summary: Octopus Channel Manager is a cloud-based integration platform. With Octopus, you can connect Zedonk ERP System with all the leading shopping carts and marketplaces.


24SevenCommerce is excited to join hands with Zedonk, the leading fashion-specific ERP Solution provider. In addition to providing its flagship ERP Software solutions, Zedonk will now work closely with 24SevenCommerce to offer ERP eCommerce integration solutions. This move reiterates their commitment to helping customers grow their business in the online space.


For 24SevenCommerce, this partnership offers the opportunity to expand its presence in the fashion industry. 


The ERP eCommerce Integration Solution is mainly targeted at retailers who want to set up their online business. Once the store is set up then it needs to be synced with the ERP back-end. This ERP eCommerce integration solution is the easiest way to integrate the two systems. It allows the systems to communicate automatically, enabling seamless sharing of product details and inventory information. This means that merchants don’t have to enter the data manually in each of these systems.


Retailers can now integrate Zedonk with all the leading shopping carts like Magento, BigCommerce, Shopify, etc. It can also be integrated with marketplaces like Amazon, Farfetch, Etsy. For retailers looking to streamline their operations, reduce costs and improve efficiency, this move is the best foot forward.




There are many benefits in integrating your Zedonk ERP system with the retail front end. It helps automate the retail business processes. Inventory and pricing are automatically synced.  Stock-outs and refunds are minimized.


  • Automatically uploads product catalog information from Zedonk to your web store(s) and marketplaces.
  • Automatically updates the latest product inventory and pricing from Zedonk to your web store(s) and marketplaces, preventing overselling and order cancellations.
  • Automatically adjusts the inventory in Zedonk for any sales or return processed on your web store(s) and marketplaces.
  • Eliminates duplicate and manual data entry and reduces human error.


Octopus Channel Manager from 24SevenCommerce


Octopus Channel Manager is a cloud-based integration platform. With Octopus, you can connect Zedonk ERP System with all the leading shopping carts and marketplaces. The advantages of using Octopus Channel Manager are many. Firstly, you have a single ERP back end for all the storefronts. Secondly, you do not have to enter product details and inventory data multiple times. There is a single inventory master in the ERP system. It automatically updates the inventory data in the eCommerce stores 24/7/365. As a result, there is zero human intervention. This helps prevent out-of-stock situations. By integrating Octopus Channel Manager, you can improve your store efficiency and customer satisfaction. It also reduces labor costs.


“We consider it a privilege to work with the Zedonk team. Our target customers and markets are the same. And, our focus will be on delivering meaningful solutions to our customers. Solutions that will help them thrive and grow in the digital space.” – Anil Jindal, CEO, 24SevenCommerce


About 24SevenCommerce


24Seven Commerce is an eCommerce expert. We have over 19 years of experience in POS eCommerce integrations. We enable retailers to effectively manage their retail business – both online and in-store. Octopus is our cloud-based integration platform. It integrates the world’s top ERP and POS systems with all the leading eCommerce platforms. With our solution, you can track inventory and sales data in real-time. It also enables retailers to offer their customers an omnichannel experience. 24SevenCommerce is headquartered in the US. We have an office in India. To find out more, visit: https://www.24sevencommerce.com/zedonk-erp-integration.html

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