Lee Grayshon MD at Eternal Lawns Eternallawns.com comments.

‘The Summer weather has continued to provide a boom on installations.

In particular this Month we enjoyed fantastic installations at Leeds Schools, in particular during half term, whereby we artificially grassed over 800sqm 550 of our 30mm Superior artificial grass.

It goes without saying that the installation of our 30mm Superior artificial grass and 40mm Excellence has been flowing in an abundance to many domestic customers within Yorkshire.

New installations of our 40mm Excellence and 30mm Superior, continue to be provided through Yorkshire and in particular this Month we enjoyed a good share of installations in Huddersfield, Bradford and Pontefract. Installations within surrounding areas, through York, Bradford, Leeds and Huddersfield all remain very active. Summer is proving to be an exceptional season for Eternal Lawns’

For further information contact :-

Lee Grayshon
Bruntcliffe Road,
LS27 0LF
Ph: 01133 200801
Website: www.eternallawns.com
Email: info@eternallawns.com

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