SANTA BARBARA, Calif.-Idrive announces a record-breaking year despite the COVID-19 pandemic. The beginning of 2020, idrive released its all new next-generation dash camera, the idrive AI Cam, and focused on a global expansion for the upcoming year. The idrive AI Cam is a next-generation dash camera with technology that identifies and interprets human driving behavior, generating critical data to improve driver performance and save lives. Idrive is a leading provider of Artificially Intelligent (AI) software and hardware for highly accurate driver monitoring.

With shutdowns globally due to the COVID-19 pandemic, 2020 was an extremely difficult year for businesses. Idrive started off 2020 with a brand-new product release and only months later was faced with global shutdowns affecting businesses around the world. “We knew early on that we needed to shift our focus to support our clients in hard hit industries and find a way to intelligently hit our expansion goals,” stated Sean O’Neil, Chief Executive Officer.

Idrive’s first step was to take care of our existing clients in hard hit industries. Idrive worked with existing clients in the hardest hit industries to temporarily suspend service contracts while they were unable to operate and generate revenue. “Our clients are extremely important to us and we wanted to do what we could to support an industry that has always supported us,” said Curt Andrews, Chief Customer Success Officer. Other clients remained in operation as they were considered essential workers. Idrive continued to work with these clients closely, offering tips on remotely monitoring their fleets with the idrive system to limit contact with others but still be in full control of their daily operations.

Idrive’s efforts to expand globally started early in the year and has been met with much success. Over the last 12 months, idrive has added 23 resellers globally within the following regions: United States, Mexico, Canada, Europe, Australia, Singapore, Colombia, Panama, Ecuador, South Africa, Tanzania, Egypt, Israel and Russia. Sales have already been made in Canada, Colombia, Panama, Ecuador, United States, Europe and Australia with sales pending in the remaining reseller regions. “We were able to setup a major distribution network by revamping our reseller program and working with potential resellers globally and it has really paid off,” stated Ian McKaig, Director of Business Development.

“Despite an extremely difficult year, idrive was able to ship out more units than any other year to date. We expect 5X growth in 2021; this is largely due to our new distribution network that we setup in 2020. There is a large demand for our technology, and it will only grow as the world continues to change and does more things remotely,” said Sean O’Neil, Chief Executive Officer. “We look forward to 2021 being a better year for everyone.”

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About idrive, Inc.:

Idrive, Inc. is a global leader in Video Telematics and Artificial Intelligence based services for the transportation industry. With over 10 years in the industry and one of the world’s biggest repositories of labeled and verified video data, idrive’s intelligent systems are enhanced by over 11 billion miles of driving data, deep learning and industry insights to produce a leading product that has saved hundreds of lives by preventing collisions through improved driving behavior. Idrive engineers, designs and manufactures all products and technology in-house. For all the latest idrive news follow us: Facebook and Twitter @idriveGlobal and LinkedIn or visit our news page at


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