According to Ola Electric, it intends to enter foreign markets, starting with Nepal. The business announced that it has partnered with CG Motors in Nepal as the country’s local distributor for its Ola S1 scooters (S1 & S1 Pro).

The electric two-wheeler manufacturer from Bengaluru announced in a statement that the scooters would be offered in Nepal beginning in the next quarter.

The company intends to expand its footprint in up to five international markets by entering Latin America, ASEAN, and the European Union during the second phase.

Ola Founder and CEO Bhavish Aggarwal stated that “our worldwide expansion not only means that we as a company will be able to service clients in these similar regions, but it is also testament to the fact that India will lead the EV revolution for the world.”

India will need to be the focal point of change if the electric vehicle revolution is to actually advance, he continued.
The business recently announced a project for electric four-wheelers.

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