Bullman Records Launches a Divine channel

“Paavan Vaani” offering Devotional content.


New Delhi,December 2021

Bullman Records announced the launch of its devotional channel “PAAVAN VAANI” by opening its realm of spirituality and devotion. The purpose is to turn toward divine inspiration and appreciation through strotras and invocations, sufi music, shabads, chants, mesmerizing bhajans, aarti, devotional songs and other collection of meditative and soul stirring music.

 Much conscious efforts are made on releasing new single soulful devotional tracks targeting newer younger audiences and helping spread religious music among youngsters. It is an effort to impress our younger audience creating new and interesting in terms of music and song. Record Label is experimenting with young artists to lend their voice for the channel. The channel will broadcast at You Tube.  The channel has been launched to cater to the spiritual needs and longings of  audience and has varied range of curated content to fulfil the devotional needs of listeners.

Record label is all set to release devotional song ‘GANPATI AARTI’ which is Aarti of Lord Ganesha. Since Bappa is worshipped and celebrated by people across the globe. The aarti has always been a huge hit and has kept its religious secular identity intact .Ganpati Aarti is sung almost in every religious function maintaining the purity and essence of the occasion. It has been Chanted by young artist Vidushi Yadav having a unique singing style and texture in her voice. Music Composition has been done by Shawie, who has blended it with Indian instruments, Videography and Editing  has been done by Hanson Tagde, Producer is Bullman Records and the Aarti is available at YouTube channel of ‘Bullman Records’.

The record label is giving opportunity to young aspiring singers and music composers a platform to showcase their talent. Lending support and encourage local artists so that they can also grow and reach new heights. The channel offers a varied set of options of Daily Deity list to choose from one’s own favourites.

“We hope the experience of our devotional songs is enjoyed by the listeners. We want to leave an actual impact and our aim is to instil universal values amongst youngsters so that they can even enjoy the rich culture that we inherit” noted press statement from co- founder Bullman Records Mr. Sunil Hamal

Directors of Bullman Records Mr.Ashish Prabhugaonkar and Mr.Nihir Shah stated: “Devotional music has always had a huge market in India but besides doing well within India, the genre has had an increasing presence abroad, mainly among the NRI Indians .We want it to be admired by listeners accessing new releases on You Tube. Though most people belonging to the younger generation seem to believe these songs are meant only for their parents and grandparents. However, releasing versions of popular pieces or producing videos is tried with young audiences in mind, with hopes this reaches out to a larger young audience. May spiritualism guide them towards brighter future and prevent them from the wrong track”.

 Stay tuned and Listen to “PaavanVaani”

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