Long Beach, CA, February 11, 2021 — Sharifah Hardie of Ask Sharifah is excited to announce the release of the Poderly Podcast Directory, a new Ask Sharifah company. The Poderly Podcast Directory gives listeners the ability to listen to their favorite podcasts, learn podcasting, or even start their own podcast.

Poderly features many of Ask Sharifah’s most popular shows with more being added all the time. Listeners can find The Round Table Talk Show, Conversations with Chan, The Winner’s Journey, Face to Face Talk Show, and more and can listen to episodes from each show from the convenience of a single website. The easy to use website organizes podcasts by category so that listeners can easily find content that suits their interests.

Sharifah has big plans for the Poderly Podcast Directory. “Poderly is the perfect option for new content creators who are looking for a credible platform to air their show,” says Sharifah. “It is also a great resource for people who want to learn about entrepreneurship, tips for success, and interesting life stories.” This is because the Ask Sharifah platform as a whole generally attracts celebrities, entertainers, business owners, and entrepreneurs. When these thought leaders come together, the learning potential for listeners is unlimited. Sharifah is excited to bring these learning opportunities to people through the Poderly Podcast Directory.

Not only can people add their podcast to the Poderly platform, but they can also start a podcast with Sharifah’s help. “We will help you avoid the pitfalls and learning curves news podcasters experience,” says Sharifah, who launched her first podcast over a decade ago. “There is no need to try and figure out how to start your own podcast. We have spent years learning how to create, market, and grow podcasts.”

Podcast aficionados or anyone who has ever wanted to become a podcast host will love Poderly. Visit Poderly today to find a new favorite podcast, learn something new, or submit a podcast for potential inclusion in the Poderly Podcast Directory.

For more Information Visit Poderly: http://www.poderly.com

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