2020, was a year we pray we never see again. But one thing it taught us was – living with our new ally: face mask. The ever so constant and important asset in our lives over the 10 months have been the mask. 

However, a mask proved costly for a man in Pakistan’s Peshawar on new year’s eve as he was wandering around. But why did it end up getting him a date with the police? Well, in truth, he wasn’t really wearing a protective covering, but a costume that was covering his entire face.

Trying to have a bit of fun and prank people, he was trying to scare everyone around him. But the entertainment didn’t last too long as he was held by the authorities. 

The funny incident came to light after Pakistani journalist Omar R Quraishi posted a photo in which the man, donning the mask, can be seen handcuffed along with the cops in the frame, posing for the photograph.

Well, not quite the start he was hoping to new year, but come on, that’s too harsh. There are bigger crimes worthy of handcuffs, but certainly not this one. We hope he was let off easily.

Source: IndiaTimes

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