We have some exciting news for all those who were eagerly waiting to transact in the SEEK COIN and start their journey to Financial Freedom. The pre-sale of SEEK COIN is scheduled to start from January 5th. It will be held on the official website at https://seekcoin.io.

SEEK COIN Pre-sale schedule

The pre-sale of SEEK COIN will be held in five phases, and the coin price increases with each phase. The initial, i.e. phase 1, SEEK COIN price has been fixed at USD $0.05.

The price will increase after each phase completes until the final Pre-sale price of .10 is reached. 

The coin price will increase with each sale stage, so the earlier you transact the bigger rewards you can earn. Moreover, all SEEK COIN holders will start receiving dividends from the first day, so the longer you hold the more rewards you receive.

Note: The initial PRIVATE SALE of SEEK COIN is live now for private members at an exclusive price of USD $.0001 per coin.

Post the successful completion of the ICO sale, the SEEK COIN will be first listed on the BAKERYSWAP.FINANCE exchange.

Every phase of SEEK COIN pre-sale will end when the stock (number of coins available for sale in that phase) ends or on the last day of that phase, whichever is earlier. The same will be notified on the website.


For those who are wondering why they should acquire the SEEK COIN or why it is the right coin for them, here are a couple of benefits you receive by acquiring and holding this coin:

  1. UNLIMITED REAL-TIME DIVIDENDS for as long as you hold the coins. All users who acquire and hold the SEEK COINS will start receiving dividends for every transaction that occurs in the system. That is, every time someone transacts in SEEK COIN, you’ll receive dividends directly in your wallet if you are a holder.
  2. HIGH POTENTIAL TO GROW YOUR HOLDINGS VALUE – SEEK COIN is a deflationary coin and is designed such that its total supply will reduce with time through regular burns (for every SEEK COIN transaction, some coins will be burned), which will reduce supply thereby increasing the coins value, giving a realistic potential for holders to get the best rewards when looking to sell out.

How to participate in SEEK COIN Presale

The presale of SEEK COIN will be conducted on the official website https://seekcoin.io and will start on January 5th. Anyone can participate in the presale by simply purchasing instantly on the website with Binance BSC Coin. If you are not a current holder of Binance BSC Coin instructions will be listed on the website to help you make your purchase.

Remember that the key to acquiring a larger number of SEEK COINS is to transact early. The phase 1 presale has the lowest coin price, while phase 5 has the highest price. Here’s simple math.

(Hypothesis) Say you have $100 to acquire SEEK COIN. If you transact in phase 1 presale, you’ll receive 2000 coins at the rate of $.05 per coin. But, if you transact in phase 5 (at the rate of $.10 per coin), you’ll only get 1000 coins for the same money. Shop early to get the first-mover advantage. Visit https://seekcoin.io/ for details.

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