Wilmslow, England – Alchemy PT presents six types of stretching techniques that are the most effective in speeding up post-workout recovery. Experts reveal that stretching after workouts can improve one’s flexibility and training performance while also decreasing muscle tension and the risk of injury in your body.

The first exercise involves a lunging hip flexor stretch that is fit for easing tension in the hip muscles, quads, and glutes. In this lunge position, people should kneel on one leg while keeping the other leg stretched behind them for thirty to sixty seconds.

Personal trainers recommend that this position should be held for at least thirty to sixty seconds on each leg. A piriformis stretch follows after the lunge position, and it targets the piriformis muscle that starts from the base of the spine to the thighs. Stretching this muscle affects the intensity at which people can move their hips, legs, and backside.

Alchemy PT further provides instructions on how people can do the piriformis stretch, “This exercise is pretty easy, and you should start with sitting down and extending your legs in front. Place one of your ankles on top of the other leg while keeping it flat on the ground and hold it for 30 seconds.”

Experts also advise individuals to practice the cat-cow stretch as it works the overall back muscles. It is a simple technique that requires people to get on their knees with their palms flat on the ground and repeatedly round their spine upwards within one minute.

Personal trainers at Alchemy PT suggested another stretching method, “We usually advise our clients to do the standing calf stretch as well. As the name suggests, it targets your calf muscles, and you can practice it by standing near a wall or with a chair for support. Keep one foot in front of the other and kneel forward towards the wall or chair repeatedly till you feel a stretch in your calf muscles. Do it for at least twenty to thirty seconds and repeat it two to three times for maximum results.”

Lastly, two simple stretching techniques were shared by Alchemy PT as well. Overhead tricep stretch and standing bicep stretch target the triceps, bicep, chest, and shoulder muscles. For the tricep stretch, clients are recommended to point their hand towards the ceiling and then bring it down to the center of their back while using their other hand to pull the elbow downwards. Biceps stretches involve interlacing one’s hand behind their back and stretching them back and forth.

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