It is very important to use good diagnostic tools for correct diagnosis and treatment. Ridgetop Dental is a comprehensive centre for dental implants in Sterling VA that has added 3-D technology to enhance diagnosis and dental implant planning.

CBCT technology, though still not known to many people, has transformed the way dentists plan and perform dental implant surgeries. This is a technology, which is being used by only top notch dental facilities and Ridgetop Dental is surely one of those dental clinic, which are determined to make dental implant treatment safer and more predictable for their patients using the best technologies available today. The leading centre for Dental implants, General Dentistry and cosmetic dentistry in Sterling VA added CBCT machine that can be used to treat all types of dental issues. The scanner rotates around a patient’s head while taking multiple images, giving the doctors 3-D images and a precise view of the patient’s teeth and oral cavity.

Talking about the technology, one of the implant specialists say, “It not just allows us to see early signs of pathology, including cancer, as well as other dental problems, but also allow for virtual dental implant planning that improves results and prognosis for implant restoration.”

Without proper visualization, there is always a risk of vital structures of mouth getting damaged, but with the help of this technology, vital structures like-nerve canals, sinuses and the precise location of the teeth in patient’s jaw can be determined, in a 3-D view. This breakthrough technology also enables the creation of surgical guides for Ridgetop Dental’s Sterling Dentist to position the implants in the precise position in the jawbone.

The use of CBCT technology in dental implant surgeries is surely a quantum leap in the field of dentistry. The premier dental clinic has already seen the benefits of CBCT scanner compared with traditional two-dimensional X-rays. It’s now time for you to experience the difference!

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