Claxy, a leading lighting fixture company, offers New Year Sale, Up to 70% discount. The Claxy e-commerce offers a wide array of lighting fixture collections for residential and commercial building projects.

Claxy welcomes New Year 2021 with great offers to all of its lighting fixture collections. Throughout the year, Claxy has attractive discounts for its customers. Earlier this year, this prominent lighting specialist announced The New Year Sale of Up to 70%. With the discount offered, the customers can get their coveted products at affordable prices. 

Lighting for a building is a vital part of interiors. With proper lighting settings, people can take their home interior to the next level, getting a warm ambiance, more productive, and feels safer. Now, with the ease of accessing the internet for online shopping, shoppers can easily get the lighting needs for their home. One of the online e-commerce companies with a large lighting collection is the Claxy lighting fixture specialist with a website

Claxy is a company with many years of experience in luxurious lightning fixture businesses. It specializes in providing a wide range of lighting collections, from traditional styles to luxurious modern styles. The Claxy lighting collection is ideal for beautifying the interiors or adding additional lighting for the building exteriors. The customers just need to select the lighting fixture with proper styles for their rooms and check out with discount prices. Claxy also provides delivery free of charge to most US destinations. This way, the shoppers can save their money on the delivery. 

Early this year, Claxy added a new additional lighting collection to their product line. Interior decoration shoppers can get their latest lighting collection from the Claxy online product catalog. Choosing the right lighting for the interior is easier and faster now, thanks to Claxy easy website navigation. With a diverse range of lighting styles and materials, people can have an unlimited choice for their upcoming interior decoration projects, especially projects that use special lighting to enhance their home appearance.

Claxy lighting specialist offers a wide range of lighting fixture necessities. They provide different kinds of lighting for the home interior and commercial spaces. “We are a lighting specialist in the United States. Suppose you are looking for lighting for your home decorations. In that case, you can select different kinds of Chandeliers, Pendant Lights, Ceiling Lights, Wall Lights, Lamps, and any other lighting items for different purposes,” said Claxy company representative.

Claxy is a one-stop solution for interior designers and architects to express their design styles. With a vast choice of lighting items, interior designers and architects can express their ideas without boundaries. On the Claxy website, they showcase their lighting product from Rustic styles, Contemporary styles, to Modern styles. These prices are also affordable for the best quality lighting fixture. For only $31.49, shoppers can get a beautiful Modern Metal Table Lamp with free shipping.

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Claxy is a prominent company that offers Lightning Fixture and is based in Santa Clara, CA. Claxy is an experienced company in the US that provides lighting fixtures for residential and commercial buildings. Their product prices in the catalog are included with shipping to some US areas. Claxy prioritizes its customers’ satisfaction by providing a product warranty if there are some product defects or wrong items arrive at the customers’ addresses. For professionals, Claxy also provides a Trade program and Hospitality program, which give more benefits to professional customers. All interior and exterior lighting necessities are available on

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4701 Patrick Henry Dr. Building 25 Suite 301
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