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The long awaited music which was slated for release on Friday, March 26th by Costa Rica based music artist/producer Jonathan McField is now available for downloads. The music single is titled “Let’s Go” which offers a perfect blend of contemporary rhythms and dance beats with a tip-off of jazz. This timeless and an undying work is a level shift that mirrors the growth and development of an art form that was born some many years ago.

Jonathan McField stated that he came up with this concept being a compilation of life experiences and working for a 70s and 80s cover band for almost 5 years deeply influenced the sound and lyrics of the release. It made sense to make a style of music that reflects an extension for growth.  The effect some music and genres play in one’s life can be unassuming. Some music brings back memories and take you to a time in your past where you heard that song and you liken it with a certain experience and the friends you were with as at the time.

There is something to be said about the expressive power of getting in your car, rolling the windows up and playing your most anticipated song while driving down the highway, just you and the music. The tone and beats used in the song is unique which made it a feel-good music. The soothing power of bass!

About the Artist: Jonathan McField is a professional music artist who has worked and gained experience from working with some cover bands. Lyrically, his new music release went into a special form in terms of its content and beat. “Let’s Go” is one you would always love to listen to, give it a trial!

Contact info;
Name: Jonathan McField
Address: Costa Rica

Music download link:

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