Truepush, the most preferred web push notification platform announced the plugin launch for all the WordPress site users.

Truepush, the most preferred push notification tool around the world, announced the launch of its first WordPress plugin. The plugin allows users to send push notifications to their site visitors for free.

The notifications campaigns can be tracked and monitored directly from the Truepush dashboard. Truepush WordPress plugin is free to use unlike other push notifications plugins, and thus the key differentiator in the market. Currently, Truepush is powering 25 Bn Notifications/month for 25000 customers.

The aim behind the free plugin launch is to multiply the efforts to empower brands in free user re-engagement. Users can configure and customize the notifications using the same features as audience segmenting, triggers, or automate it using the RSS-to-push feature and more. For any new post or update that goes live on WordPress, users can automatically send notifications to their subscribers, thus saving time.

About Truepush
Truepush is a customer re-engagement platform the offers free push notifications for both web and mobile. From ranking #3 on ProductHunt to acquiring 150% of MoM growth, Truepush has received tremendous applause for its remarkable success. This exceptional growth is achieved due to the product’s capability and rockstar customer support. Truepush is currently sending 25Bn notifications/month. Brands from varied domains like eCommerce, bloggers, media platforms, ed-tech, job portals and more are sending push notifications to their users on a daily basis. With the increased adoption of the tool and ease of use, Truepush has been awarded the best push notifications company in 2021 by G2 awards and grabbed four awards in different categories.

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Contact Information:
Name: Ramya Sai Yarramothu
Company: Truepush

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