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We at Wire Inside, are fond of good articles and insights, news, blogs. Our team here been doing the hard work to share as much information with our readers. It will be a privilege to have you onboarded as a contributor and that’s free of cost. On our website Wire Inside, basically we share all sort of content to our readers, but we give top preferences to the technology and business whether it is news, articles or a guest blog. If you have something in these domains, our readers will love that.

While being a contributor, Wire Inside allows you to build your reputation with a great author profile regardless of who you are, whether a student, an employee or a business tycoon. A good author profile should have your full name, what you are and some lines about your expertise followed by a destination as your website and/or social media profiles.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when writing and distributing your press release on our website. We also help you determine what kind of news is really newsworthy which will be informed to you through an email from the editorial team.

Following are the guidelines to submit press release

1. Use concise, clear language that explains about a the launch of any product, conference, or some other notable events.

2. The content should be between 500 and 1200 words in length. However, if you are trying to share a press release or news release, you can share a introductory description of about 2-3 lines

3. Do not leave email address or phone number within the body of the press release.

4. You are allowed to add one link pointing to your website and make sure the link is relevant to the content you are using in the body of the Press Release.

5. You can share one featured image for your press release. The featured image should bear the ratio 8:5 for example the image dimension would be 800 x 500.

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