Evos Buildcon Unveils Visionary Project to Redefine Luxurious Living Beyond Bhubaneswar’s Skyline

Evos Buildcon Pvt. Ltd., founded in 2010 by real estate visionary Mr. Kalinga Keshari Rath, stands at the forefront of the evolving real estate industry in Odisha, India. A symbol of cutting-edge management and unyielding determination, Evos Buildcon is set to elevate the standards of luxurious living with its upcoming project – the tallest building in Bhubaneswar and Odisha.

Mr. Kalinga Keshari Rath, a pioneer in the real estate sector, envisions houses as more than mere spaces; rather, as sanctuaries of comfort and beauty. His visionary approach to Evos Buildcon is centred on the belief that exceptional architecture has the power to transform lives. The forthcoming project, poised to redefine Bhubaneswar’s skyline, epitomizes his commitment to pushing boundaries and creating an iconic structure that will serve as a beacon for luxury living in Odisha.

Features of the Tallest Building in Bhubaneswar:

Every facet of Evos Buildcon’s upcoming project reflects a passion for developing best-in-class luxury flats. The architectural magnificence of the tower is designed not only to change Odisha’s skyline but also to harmonize modern aesthetics with utilitarian architecture. The project integrates world-class amenities and environmentally conscious techniques, ensuring that residents not only experience luxury but also contribute to a more efficient and sustainable future.

Gold-Class Living Experience:

Evos Buildcon is poised to deliver “gold-class living” to the people of Odisha, extending beyond the physical features of the apartments to the overall lifestyle cultivated within the community. Residents of the upcoming tallest building can anticipate nothing less than an exquisite way of life, from world-class amenities to bespoke services and a panoramic view of Bhubaneswar City.

Having become an oasis of trust and happiness for over 800 families since its inception, Evos Buildcon has successfully completed 17 projects. The organization has not only provided beautiful homes but also curated experiences of fulfillment and joy. The tagline, “Spreading Love,” embodies a philosophy that permeates every aspect of Evos Buildcon’s work.

A New Era in Opulent Living:

Evos Buildcon Pvt. Ltd.’s ambitious endeavour signifies the initiation of a new era in opulent living in Odisha. Mr. Kalinga Keshari Rath’s vision and commitment to excellence set the company apart, establishing it as a trusted brand in the real estate industry.

The tallest building in Odisha represents more than just a structure; it embodies Evos Buildcon’s determination to surpass limits and set new standards. It envisions a future where luxury becomes an integral part of life, and every resident is a member of an elite community that embraces grandeur and refinement.

Evos Buildcon Pvt. Ltd. is not just a property developer; it is an aspiration maker, a source of happiness, and a pioneer in reinventing luxury residences in Odisha. As the highest tower dominates the skyline, it invites residents to a universe where every day is a celebration of the extraordinary – a genuine tribute to Evos Buildcon’s gold-class living experience.

For more information, please visit Evos Buildcon’s Website.

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About Evos Buildcon Pvt. Ltd.: Founded in 2010 by Mr. Kalinga Keshari Rath, Evos Buildcon Pvt. Ltd. is a leading real estate developer in Odisha, India. With a commitment to excellence, innovation, and a focus on creating luxurious living spaces, Evos Buildcon has become synonymous with trust and quality in the real estate industry.

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