ASBM & NHRDN Forge New Frontiers: MoU Inked at 13th National HR Symposium

ASBM & NHRDN Forge New Frontiers MoU Inked at 13th National HR Symposium

In a momentous confluence of visionaries and industry leaders, the 13th National HR Symposium at ASBM University unveiled a paradigm-shifting Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between ASBM and the National HRD Network (NHRDN). The landmark agreement paves the way for a futuristic two-year Master’s program in Human Resource Management and Labour Relations, a beacon of innovation in the realm of HR education set to commence in 2024.

The symposium, held under the theme “Global HR: Building Organizations of the Future,” was inaugurated by the venerable Mr. Prem Singh, National President of NHRDN & President Group HR, JK Organization. This set the stage for an enlightening discourse on the challenges and opportunities facing the HR domain in an era characterized by unprecedented technological advancements.

Prof. Biswajeet Pattnayak, the visionary Founder & President of ASBM University, took center stage, unveiling the pivotal role of technology as the catalyst for the fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0). His insightful reflections delved into the challenges posed by smart technology, smart factories, and smart people, setting the agenda for the symposium’s discussions on critical HR issues.

The symposium witnessed Ms. Pallavi Pednekar, Talent Director at Deloitte India, offering illuminating insights into the metamorphosis of work driven by the Metaverse. Her keen observations on the evolving demands of each generation and the emergence of a hybrid workspace resonated with the forward-looking audience.

In a thought-provoking address, Ms. Brishti Mondal, VP-HR at NRI FinTech India, directed attention to the nuanced development of soft skills for individual and organizational advancement. Her call for a paradigm shift from traditional organizational structures to a focus on the individual underscored the dynamic nature of modern workplaces.

Mr. Suresh G, Executive Director at Odisha Assets, ArcelorMittal Nippon Steel India Ltd., shed light on the pivotal role of technology in upskilling employees, contributing not only to professional growth but also fostering a greener and safer world.

NHRDN President Mr. Prem Singh delivered a wake-up call, highlighting the alarming thought of technology governing, defining, and regulating human beings. His impassioned address urged individuals to recognize their strengths, embrace lifelong learning, exhibit resilience, and think innovatively to succeed in an era defined by technological dominance.

The climax of the symposium was marked by the official signing of the MoU between ASBM University and NHRDN, an educational epoch that will birth a revolutionary Master’s program in Human Resource Management and Labour Relations, promising to redefine the future of HR education.

The technical session, led by Dr. Suvendu Das, MD, Hiteisee Consulting, featured luminaries such as Mr. Shyam Sundar Choudhary, CHRO at TPCODL; Dr. Sanjay Pattnaik, Founder & CEO of PeopleBetter; Dr. Yusuf Ali Solanki, Head-HR at Emami Paper Mills Ltd.; and Ms. Rosy Dash, HR Head at OPX-America Inc. The ensuing deliberations and lively Q&A session showcased the fusion of industry expertise and academic curiosity.

As the symposium drew to a close, Dr. Hari Narayan Sahu, Co-Coordinator of the National HR Symposium, offered a heartfelt vote of thanks, encapsulating the essence of a day that not only illuminated the challenges and triumphs of the HR landscape but also sowed the seeds for a pioneering educational journey.

In the crucible of the 13th National HR Symposium, ASBM and NHRDN have not only scripted a new narrative for HR excellence but also laid the foundation for a future where knowledge meets innovation in the corridors of ASBM University.

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