ASBM University Ignites Cultural Brilliance: Hosts Grand IGNITE – 2023 National Youth Festival

ASBM University Ignites Cultural Brilliance: Hosts Grand IGNITE – 2023 National Youth Festival

In a spectacular celebration of talent and vibrancy, ASBM University, a renowned institution for academic excellence, set ablaze the cultural landscape of eastern India with the grandeur of IGNITE – 2023, the National Youth Festival. The event unfolded on December 1st and 2nd, transforming the university campus into a carnival of excitement, cultural fervor, and spirited competitions.

IGNITE – A Cultural Extravaganza

In just a short span of time, IGNITE has grown into one of the largest and most prestigious cultural festivals in eastern India. Boasting two days of non-stop entertainment, nerve-wracking competitions, and awe-inspiring performances by students from various institutions, IGNITE has become synonymous with a wild and wacky weekend of revelries.

The festival showcased a diverse array of cultural activities, ranging from mesmerizing choreographed dance displays and fashion parades to intellectually stimulating management games designed to challenge the brightest minds. IGNITE aimed to provide a holistic platform for students, encouraging their creative expression and overall development.

Distinguished Presence and Inaugural Splendor

The inaugural ceremony of IGNITE – 2023 was graced by distinguished guests, Shri. Sridhar Patra, Chairman cum Managing Director of NALCO, and Shri Sandipan Nair, Senior GM of Dalmia Cement. Their presence added a touch of eminence to the event, setting the stage for the cultural extravaganza that followed.

The valedictory ceremony witnessed the esteemed presence of Shri. B.C Mohanty, Managing Director of Oriclean Pvt Ltd, Shri. B.K Panda, former Health Director, and Shri Jyotirmaya Mohapatra, former Vice-Chancellor of AIPH University, further highlighting the significance of IGNITE – 2023.

ASBM University’s Pride and Commitment

Prof. Biswajeet Pattanayak, Founder and President of ASBM University, expressed his pride in IGNITE completing fifteen successful years. He commended the Ignite team for attracting over 500 students from across the country this year, making it a truly national event. This achievement solidifies ASBM University’s commitment to fostering talent, creativity, and a spirit of healthy competition among the youth of India.

Coordination and Leadership

The festival’s coordination was skillfully led by Prof. (Dr.) Smaraki Pattanayak, Principal Director of the University, with the dedicated support of Prof. Saroj Bishoy and Prof. Avijit Mondal. The welcome address, delivered by the Vice-Chancellor of ASBMU, Prof. (Dr.) Ranjan Kumar Bal, set an optimistic tone for the festivities.

The event witnessed the presence of Vice-President Prof. (Dr.) Kalyan Shankar Ray, Pro-Vice-Chancellor Prof. (Dr.) Phalgu Niranjana, along with Deans, Heads of various schools, faculty members, staff, and enthusiastic students.

IGNITE – A Beacon of Cultural Brilliance

IGNITE – 2023 not only showcased the cultural vibrancy of ASBM University but also reiterated its commitment to nurturing talent, fostering creativity, and instilling a spirit of healthy competition among the youth of India. The festival’s success stands as a testament to the university’s dedication to providing a holistic and vibrant educational experience.

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