The Most Iconic Celebrity Jewelry Throughout History – And The Story Behind Them

Jewelry has been a part of human history for thousands of years, with a presence in many cultures. In ancient Rome, for example, jewelry was a symbol of social status. Different types of jewelry were worn depending on one’s rank in society. Today, jewelry is often worn for personal adornment or to complement an outfit. Many people are interested in jewelry worn or showcased by top celebrities, with some signature pieces making headlines or starting fashion trends. Here are some iconic pieces of celebrity jewelry to inspire your own collection.

Diamond Tiara [Anna May Wong]

Anna May Wong in Pavement Butterfly

Anna May Wong made history recently as the first Asian-American to be featured on American currency. She was known for her groundbreaking roles in films such as Pavement Butterfly (1928), in which she played the first Asian-American romantic lead. Wong was not only known for her talent and achievements, but also for her style, with flappers in the 1920s looking to her for fashion inspiration. One of her most iconic pieces of jewelry was the diamond tiara she wore in Pavement Butterfly. This headpiece was representative of the headgear worn during the 1920s and continues to be a timeless and stylish piece. Its influence can be seen in many people trying to emulate Wong’s style.

Diamond Choker [Marilyn Monroe]

Marilyn Monroe in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

Marilyn Monroe‘s pink dress from the “Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend” scene is one of the most iconic outfits in history. Many films and pop stars have reproduced the dress, but it would not have been as influential without the jewels that adorned it. In keeping with the song, Monroe wore a heavily adorned diamond choker, along with matching earrings and bracelets. This jewelry was representative of the style of the 1950s and 1960s, and has become iconic when it comes to celebrity jewelry.

Emerald Cut Ring [Grace Kelly]

Grace Kelly in High Society

Grace Kelly‘s engagement ring is visible in the 1956 film “Rear Window” and was her real-life engagement ring. The 8-carat emerald cut ring was purchased from Cartier and given to her by the Prince of Monaco. The ring was incredibly famous and inspired ring styles worldwide. At the time, many women wanted an engagement ring similar to Kelly’s, and even today young women are inspired by her. Vintage engagement rings similar to Kelly’s are sought after online and in stores. This was truly one of the most iconic pieces of celebrity jewelry in the world.

Ruby & Diamond Necklace [Julia Roberts]

Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman

Julia Roberts‘ ruby and diamond necklace in the film “Pretty Woman” inspired many women to look for vintage jewelry in the 1980s. The necklace was paired perfectly with the iconic red dress she wore in the film and is a favorite among fashion historians. Roberts is known for her stylish jewelry choices, and in 2022 she stunned audiences with a 100-carat yellow diamond necklace at the Cannes Film Festival. But it was the necklace in “Pretty Woman” that inspired jewelry fashion around the world.

Crystal Cross Necklace [Alicia Silverstone]

Alicia Silverstone in Clueless

The film “Clueless” was a trendsetter when it came to 1990s fashion. Cher’s iconic yellow plaid skirt/suit combo has become emblematic of the decade. But the jewelry in the film was also incredibly influential. Alicia Silverstone’s crystal cross necklace is worn throughout the film and set many jewelry trends during the 1990s.

Bib Necklace [Nicole Kidman]

When “Moulin Rouge” was released in 2001, the costume designers received critical acclaim for their expert costume design. One of the pieces that set a trend for jewelry in the early 2000s was Nicole Kidman’s bib necklace, which was incredibly intricate. Inspired by 1800s jewelry but with a modern twist, this piece has become one of the most iconic pieces in Hollywood history.

These are not all, but the most recognized celerity jewelries from the past century. Celebrity jewelry is often admired and followed by many people, and can set trends for the general public. Many people become so enamored with certain pieces of jewelry worn by celebrities that they will go to great lengths to add them to their own collections. Some of the jewelry mentioned in the above list may be favorites of yours. If we have missed your favorite celebrity or piece of jewelry, let us know in the comments below and we will consider including them if appropriate.

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