Microsoft Transforms Bing Chat into the AI Era with Copilot

In a groundbreaking move aimed at democratizing the power of generative AI, Microsoft has announced a significant expansion of Copilot, formerly Bing Chat and Bing Chat Enterprise. This evolution, set to be generally available on December 1, represents a pivotal moment in Microsoft’s vision to make Copilot accessible to a broader audience.

Microsoft Transforms Bing Chat into the AI Era with Copilot

Starting today, Bing Chat and Bing Chat Enterprise are rebranded as Copilot, with a commitment to ensuring a simplified user experience and enhanced accessibility. Users will benefit from commercial data protection, with eligibility granted upon signing in with Microsoft Entra ID. Microsoft aims to progressively extend Copilot access to all Entra ID users at no additional cost, ensuring commercial data protection for employees whenever they sign in with their work account.

To further streamline the user experience, a dedicated chat platform for Copilot is now available at, while will continue to provide a combined search and chat experience.

In a move to empower users and developers, Microsoft is introducing support for OpenAI GPTs (Generative Pre-trained Transformers). This enables the creation of tailored versions of Copilot for specific tasks, opening new opportunities for both citizen and professional developers. Combined with previously announced support for OpenAI schema plugins, these enhancements provide users with highly personalized experiences and interactions.

Safeguarding sensitive content is a top priority, and Microsoft Edge for Business plays a crucial role in this regard. The secure enterprise browser, optimized for AI, enforces document and website sensitivity labels through Microsoft Purview data loss prevention (DLP). This ensures that Copilot only accesses content explicitly permitted by IT administrators, reinforcing the protection of company assets and data.

Microsoft is set to revolutionize the capabilities of Copilot with the introduction of plugin support. Developers will soon be able to publish their plugins for Copilot through Microsoft Partner Center, extending their reach to millions of users across desktop and mobile. A testing environment will be provided, allowing developers to refine and enhance chat responses for various scenarios.

Microsoft is dedicated to supporting organizations at every stage of their AI journey. To take advantage of Copilot with commercial data protection, organizations are encouraged to ensure Copilot is enabled, and employees can explore its capabilities at by signing in with their Entra ID. An adoption kit, including a name change template, is available to facilitate the learning process.

As Microsoft continues to pave the way for AI innovation, the company invites businesses to explore Copilot for Microsoft 365, which became generally available on November 1, 2023.

The Microsoft Bing Team looks forward to assisting businesses in leveraging AI to propel growth into new dimensions.

For further details, visit Microsoft Official Announcement.

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