Benefits and implementation of bulk SMS software in day to day lifestyle

Bulk SMS is the fasted method to interact with large number of people at once. SMS software is a crucial element used by many industries and businesses to communicate with their target audience for spreading and publishing their product and services.

Target The Designated Audience

Bulk SMS for business has played a massive role in targeting the selected audience for marketing. Using the data related to the audiences based their psychographic, geographic and demographic information. The behaviour is essential in sending bulk SMS for business. SMS services are utilized proficiently; it tends to grant a lot of rewards in terms of high conversion rate of customers. Business must insure benefits of SMS services must be given to customers in Whole. Bulk SMS allows business to make repeat customers while engaging the new customers.

Bulk SMS Services In Education

In education sector or industry the use of bulk SMS software are more of reminding purpose rather than promoting purpose or both. The university/ college department will usually blast bulk SMS campaign to remind their student to pay their semester fees, inform about events and activities. SMS has higher open rate compared to email in which SMS sent directly to the student mobile number. Apart from that, universities can also use mass text messaging for internal staff communications for a class or department such as survey or meetings. In some unexpected cases, sometimes university can use bulk SMS for cases like campus safety, school closure, meeting cancellation or any other related that need to be informed immediately for any emergency news. Colleges and university also use bulk SMS service to promoting their business for lead generation. IT can be used for college fairs, high school visits, university open day for student consultation and other to promote their college and university to improve and increase leads.

Personalized Offers And Promotions

The goal of communication with customer is to make them feel special and more attractive towards the brand. Bulk SMS can help to achieve that goal by connecting with clients through a simple yet effective message. Several bulk SMS marketing Companies allow brands to add their first name, store location, hyperlink for coupons and gift cards. When all of these are combined with personalized messages, customer can see that the brand cares for them to available special offers and promotions. This software mostly comes handy when companies have to make limited-time deal & see a significant turnaround. Industry like food chains and hospitality takes advantages of the service to lure customer in during weekends and holidays.

Low Cost And High ROI (Return On Investment)

There are many ways of promotion and advertisement including newspaper, TV plugs, brochures and billboards etc. Among them, the bulk SMS service is the easiest and feasible because of its simple setup and low cost of running. It allows target the higher number of audiences for all types of businesses, whether it is big or small. Bulk SMS have high rate of conversion due to its far reaching impact, with that there is high ROI attained. This is one of the main benefits of bulk SMS service available for business that sustained for times to come.

High Open Rate

SMS marketing is one of the fastest ways to get your messages across the highest percentage of audience. On an average 98 percent of all SMS are opened and read within 5 second of delivery. While email open rate is only 20 percent (average), SMS marketing sounds a more effective marketing option.


Bulk SMS marketing is a great way for business to engage with new customers while keeping in touch with existing one. It is very cost-effective and accesses the system to send instant message to customer regarding development and news about the company. There are alternative like social media or email marketing but SMS marketing is multiple steps ahead with superior engagement rate, customer centric approach.

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