What is Barcoding in Healthcare and How is it Effective and Efficient

Barcode used everywhere in healthcare industry. When patient walks into the door the moment they pick up their prescriptions, barcode are helping healthcare professionals to manage inventory, medications and dealing with the patients. Barcode increase efficiency to help organizations conserve resources, save money and improve productivity. It significantly reduces human error.

Barcode Scanning And Patient Safety

Patient safety and treatment in a healthcare industry is a top most priority for doctor, nurses, administrators and staff aim to improve day by day. Healthcare barcode wristband help in keeping track of patient admit process, barcode, identification, medication and care admission throughout the time patient stays and specific patient information can be updated continuously. Medications, medical record and specimen samples are also tagged with barcode so doctor and nurses can easily trace the critical information about the patient. Each time of medication doctor or nurse can scan the wristband of a patient to instantly store the patient medical record. Barcode technology makes sure the right patient given the correct treatment, reduced errors and ensures the safety of a patient.

Wristband Efficiency

Barcode wristband needs to be durable with the use of top quality wristband and printer it can be achieved. It is very important that wristband stay in good condition during the patient stays in hospital to provide consistent accurate identification and keep track of patient medication. Barcode can track supply to a particular patient and also identify the doctor who used it with patient. The hospitals are using barcode blood band which ensures that the correct blood goes to the right person reducing the possibility of human error. This band helps in blood transfusion process the wristband and blood sample have same barcode which helps in identification of the specimen and make sure blood goes to the intended recipient.

Effect Of Barcode Technology In Medication Administration

Healthcare professionals needs barcode to track inventory and ensures that the each patient receives the proper medical treatment. Barcode in medicines can be used to verify the information about the drugs before giving it to patients; each medicine has unique packaging and barcode to identify the type and amount of the drug in it. Before the barcode it is very difficult for pathologist’s to keep record of right specimen for right patient they will be mixed up and wrong diagnosis will be given to wrong patient. After implementing barcode system increase labelling accuracy in laboratories so the patient can receive appropriate medical treatments.

Healthcare Inventory Control

In the field of pharmaceutical industry the introduction of barcode ensures that it provides more transparency and proper tracking of inventory. Bar coding will continue to adapt by healthcare industries to make improvement in patient treatment. Barcode scanning of product maintain the record of inventory which helps in speed up of re-order process of products (medicines, surgical equipments etc). Barcode technology has made administrative work error free and easy they use zebra technologies to print healthcare barcode from thermal or laser printers and can implement barcode tracking system easily in multiple departments. Barcode technology offers quick access to information can scan multiple barcodes a minute.


User can scan barcode without internet so it can keep the private information of patients more secured. The barcode technology is growing faster as well as healthcare industry which adapts new changes everyday new medical challenges of medication, Illness, treatment and new advance research. Barcode makes life of clinician easy by helping them making day by day record more efficient and accurate. Barcode technology improves the healthcare industry by ensuring patients get best treatment possible, also doctors and nurses can now focus more on patients medical care.

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