CSM Tech wins multi-million dollar Gabon contract for Timber Traceability Solution

CSM Tech to digitalize Gabon’s forest and business operations with timber traceability solution and electronic trade platform for sustainable management, transparent transactions, and end-to-end tracking.

CSM Tech wins multi-million dollar Gabon contract for Timber Traceability Solution

Odisha-based IT consulting company CSM Tech has secured a multi-million dollar contract with the Ministry of Economy and Recovery in Gabon for the implementation of a timber traceability solution and an electronic timber trade platform. The project will digitalize existing forest and business operations, ensuring sustainable forest management, and end-to-end tracking of all administrative and technical activities. This initiative will eliminate illegal timber harvesting, increase transparency in transactions, and cut greenhouse gas emissions.

The electronic timber trade platform will be designed to forecast timber provenance for the next 20 years, catering to both state and non-state actors, including concessionaire, government, contract loggers, graders, and logistics providers. With its ability to collate, consolidate, and validate logging operations in remote forest locations, the digital platform developed by CSM Tech will bring transparency and ease timber trade for domestic and export markets.

CSM Tech’s founder, Priyadarshi Nanu Pany, believes that the traceability platform will set new standards for transparent and sustainable timber trade. The digital platform will strengthen the government’s oversight over log movement and transactions and root out illegal timber harvests. Pany also thinks that the traceability platform will help Gabon access global markets for finished wood products. The agreement was signed by Gabon’s Minister of Economy and Recovery Nicole Jeanine Lydie Roboty Mbou and CSM Tech’s founder Priyadarshi Nanu Pany, and the project was launched by Gabon’s Minister of Waters and Forests, Professor Lee White.

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