MakeMyTrip and Microsoft Partner to Transform Travel Booking with Generative AI

MakeMyTrip and Microsoft Partner to Transform Travel Booking with Generative AI

Gurugram, May 8, 2023: MakeMyTrip and Microsoft have joined forces in a groundbreaking collaboration aimed at revolutionizing the travel booking landscape. The partnership aims to enhance inclusivity and accessibility in travel planning by introducing voice-assisted booking in multiple Indian languages. Leveraging Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service and Azure Cognitive Services, MakeMyTrip’s platform will now engage in personalized conversations with users, offering tailored travel recommendations based on their preferences. The innovative technology will curate holiday packages considering factors such as occasion, budget, activity preferences, and travel time, ultimately facilitating seamless bookings. This integration is set to democratize the online travel ecosystem, catering to diverse strata and demographics across India. Currently, the beta version of the feature is available in English and Hindi, catering to flight and holiday customers.

The collaboration between MakeMyTrip and Microsoft doesn’t stop at flights and holidays, as the next stage of voice-assisted booking will extend to cover other modes of transportation. Users can conveniently activate the feature with a single click, as it is embedded into the landing page of the platform.

Rajesh Magow, Co-Founder & Group CEO of MakeMyTrip, expressed pride in introducing a feature that eliminates language barriers, literacy constraints, difficulty navigating complex app environments, and physical impairments. The Generative AI integration, resulting from the collaboration with Microsoft, employs simple visual cues and voice commands in native Indian languages, thereby transforming the landscape of travel bookings.

The latest offering from MakeMyTrip utilizes the power of AI and Machine Learning to ensure pervasive travel-related solutions for all use cases and scenarios. By leveraging Microsoft’s large language models and Indic language speech models alongside MakeMyTrip’s natural language understanding capability and travel domain expertise, users can interact with the platform in any Indian language.

Sanjay Mohan, Group Chief Technology Officer at MakeMyTrip, expressed delight in introducing revolutionary changes that align with their philosophy of leveraging technology to solve real consumer problems. The updated feature promises an elevated user experience, making the platform more inclusive, accessible, and user-friendly. The beta phase will serve as an opportunity to fine-tune all use cases before rolling out the feature on a larger scale, ensuring a controlled and optimized deployment.

Sangeeta Bavi, Executive Director, Digital Natives at Microsoft India, commended MakeMyTrip’s pioneering role in the travel industry and expressed honor in collaborating to define the next frontiers of AI-driven innovation and customer engagement in the online travel sector. The collaboration aims to make travel more inclusive and accessible for Indian travelers, prioritizing trust and security.

The intuitive interface powered by Azure OpenAI Service’s GPT technology will analyze user requirements and sift through numerous options to recommend, customize, and book holiday packages. This transformative feature aims to streamline the previously time-consuming process, providing users with a quick and hassle-free experience. Additionally, the technology will summarize hotel reviews, extracting unique traveler impressions specific to different cohorts such as solo travelers, business travelers, couples, and families. By offering personalized and relevant information without the need to scroll through multiple reviews, the hotel booking experience will be elevated.

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