CM Naveen Patnaik Unveils EY’s Cutting-Edge Technology Hub, Boosting Odisha’s Tech Ascent

CM Naveen Patnaik Unveils EY's Cutting-Edge Technology Hub, Boosting Odisha's Tech Ascent

Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India: In a resounding testament to Odisha’s technological ascension, Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik unveiled Ernst and Young’s (EY) cutting-edge technology hub in Bhubaneswar on Monday. EY’s 15th city of presence in India, this strategic move underscores the global leader’s commitment to propelling the state into a dynamic era of growth and innovation.

Renowned for its prowess in assurance, tax, strategy, transaction, and consulting services, EY strategically selected Bhubaneswar for its new hub, recognizing the state’s escalating economic prowess and dynamic business environment.

Chief Minister Patnaik, during the inauguration, lauded Odisha’s extraordinary success stories and its forward march towards a “New Odisha” characterized by fresh ideas, innovation, and entrepreneurship. “The opening of the EY Technology Centre is a testament to the state’s dedication to embracing the digital era and creating an environment conducive to groundbreaking advancements,” he declared.

Highlighting the pivotal role EY’s expertise will play, Patnaik expressed confidence that the technology hub will significantly contribute to the state’s development endeavors. He emphasized that Odisha’s growth is bolstered by a robust ecosystem that nurtures entrepreneurship, technological innovation, and new-age businesses.

Tusharkanti Behera, the Minister for Electronics and IT Department, hailed the EY Technology Centre as the anchor organization in the Electronic System Design and Manufacturing (ESDM) and Semiconductor space in Odisha. Praising Bhubaneswar’s transformation into a hotspot for IT, ESDM, and Consulting companies under CM Patnaik’s leadership, Behera remarked, “The seeding of the Technology Centre by EY has ushered in more opportunities for the state’s youth, driving the economy upwards.”

The inauguration ceremony witnessed a convergence of industry leaders, government officials, and key stakeholders, highlighting the collaborative effort to elevate Odisha’s technological landscape. The EY Technology Centre’s establishment, in the presence of Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik, is viewed as a watershed moment, indicative of the rapid evolution of the IT, strategy, and consulting ecosystem in the state.

As Odisha continues its stride towards technological prominence, the EY Technology Centre, unveiled by CM Naveen Patnaik, is poised to be a catalyst for innovation, economic growth, and job creation, further solidifying the state’s position on the national and global technology map.

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