Tiny11 Developer Pushes Limits: Windows 11 Scaled Down to 100MB in NT-DOS Experiment

In a groundbreaking feat of technological ingenuity, a developer known as NTDEV has successfully scaled down Windows 11 to an astonishing size of less than 100 megabytes in a project named NT-DOS. While the operating system’s functionality is significantly limited, it manages to boot, multitask, and partially supports Batch commands, showcasing the developer’s prowess in Windows tweaking.

NTDEV, who previously achieved fame with the Tiny11 project by compressing Windows 11 into just 2GB, embarked on a new venture to explore the minimalistic boundaries of the latest Microsoft OS. Inspired by an old Microsoft project called “MinWin,” which aimed to create a self-contained set of Windows components, NTDEV’s NT-DOS strips away the graphical user interface (GUI) and other visual elements, reverting Windows 11 to its text-only roots.

The result is a barebones, prompt-based operating system that challenges conventional norms. Despite the lack of a graphical interface, NT-DOS showcases Windows 11’s resilience as it continues to function as a slow-moving textual shell. Windows 11, originally designed with a graphical-centric approach, takes an unexpected turn to embrace its earlier text-oriented roots.

The NT-DOS mod boots into a minimal shell, operating solely through prompt commands. Although stripped down to its essentials, the operating system still retains its Windows identity, even supporting rudimentary batch files and offering a limited form of multitasking.

NTDEV drew inspiration from MinWin, aiming to create a core user interface reminiscent of the project’s minimalist approach to Windows Vista and Windows 7 components. Viewers have suggested that this barebone textual shell aligns with how Windows Server should have been designed from the start.

Unlike the previously released Tiny11, NT-DOS is not yet available for public download. The NTDEV blog explains that projects like these are undertaken out of boredom by a developer with an in-depth understanding of the Windows OS family’s inner workings. Tiny11 and Tiny10, considered more “user-friendly” creations, offer publicly available downloads for those interested in experiencing the latest Windows releases without the “excessive fluff” of a standard installation.

NTDEV’s experiments continue to push the boundaries of Windows tweaking, showcasing the flexibility of the operating system and the developer’s dedication to exploring new frontiers in digital innovation.

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